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Hotel Staryy Krakow, Lviv

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Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv

Staryy Krakow (Old Krakow) a small cosy hotel which has recently opened in the centre of Lviv offers single, double and triple rooms with all conveniences. It is situated in restored three stored building in the centre of attractive lviv`s yard - on Shpytalna st., 21. This street has a long history. Till 1664 it was called Bohdanivs`ka, later on Brovary and Tsvyntarna Jydivs`ka (Cemetery Jewish), so far as it led to Jewish cemetery, and beginning with 1871 was called Shpytalna, because it led to jewish hospital.

Its own history has also house # 21, in which was sweet and chocolate factory Wiktorja and shop of colonial goods Shtauber in the Polish domination period. In 1950-th was Furniture shop and workshop of furniture repair, in 1960-1980-th Lviv`s association of hairdressing and shop Products. Now here is chemist’s, hairdresser’s and Staryy Krakow Hotel. Hotel is made for those customers, who likes home cosiness, has good taste and values comfort and moderate prices.

Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv

The room charge includes breakfast. Car Parking is located on Dzherelna Str, 11.

Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv Old Krakow Hotel, Lviv

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