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Bus tour in Lviv - Lviv Tourist Information
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Bus tour in Lviv
If you want to make an easy 3-hour tour by bus with visiting of 3 main Lviv sights: Lychakiv Cemetery, St. George Cathedral and Lviv High Castle (Vysokyy Zamok) and see more of the city, please take our Lviv bus tour.

The tour starts at 11:00 and 14:00 every day.
Tour duration: 3 hours

Tour cost: 150 UAH per person (in Ukrainian language)
Price includes: transportation during the tour, guide services in Ukrainian.
Entrance ticket to Lychakiv cemetery costs 40 UAH per person.

To book a tour, contact us by e-mail or by tel. +380984492525 (mobile), or come to our office.

Lviv center Lviv center Lviv center

Lychakiv Cemetery: Lychakiv Cemetery is one of the most grandiose and significant European necropolises. It was founded in 1786 and since then the outstanding, well-known and wealthy people have been buried there - culture, art and science figures as well the political and administrative elite of the capital of the Kingdom of Halychyna (Galicia) and Lodomeria.
Lychakiv cemetery which in the middle of XIX century was turned into a park, gradually became an open air museum of gravestone sculpture and architecture. Today it is a museum and a burial-vault covering the area over 42 hectares in which there are burials of more than 400 thousand people. The area is trimmed to the European standards. Since 1991 the museum has been supervised by the Museum Academic Council and since 2001 the Scientific Department has been operating here.

St. George's Cathedral: An integral part of the historical and cultural heritage and one of the most attractive parts of the city is an architectural ensemble at St. George's Hill. Amid the scenic landscapes of the city stands the St. George's Cathedral - a monument of Ukrainian late Baroque, which is dominant in architectural environment of the city.
Passing through the gate adorned with allegorical figures of the Roman and Greek Churches one finds oneself in a large church yard. To the left there is the main facade of the Cathedral with its formidable portal and figures of Saint Athanasius and Lev Sheptytsky - high clergymen to whom the cathedral owes its existence. The attic above the portal is topped by a sculptural group of St. George Slaying the Dragon. This brilliant creation by artist Jan Pinsel is one of the best examples of 18th century Lviv sculpture, and it rivals other world masterpieces of the sculptural art.

Lviv High Castle: Lviv City Park "High Castle" is located on the Castle Hill, in a north part of downtown. The name of the park and the mountain came from the high castle fortress, the remains of which are preserved on its territory. The park was founded in 1835, its structure with serpentine paths, laid on slopes, represents a model of a landscape park. It has upper and lower terraces. In the second half of XIX century an artificial mound was poured - the Union of Lublin Mound, with an observation platform on the top. The ash and chestnut alleys located on the lower terrace are the beauty of the park. You can make unforgettable photos with the panorama of the city.

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