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Cooking class
Our class is an opportunity to learn how to cook traditional Ukrainian food but most of all it is an experience, which you will keep as a memory about Lviv.

We are teaching to cook traditional Ukrainian food: Borsch, Varenyky (dumplings) or Deruny, Syrnyky and other dishes in a cosy atmosphere and comfortable environment during friendly conversation.

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The most pleasant part of evening is tasting. We will share the dinner which we have cooked together and discuss the impressions, preferences in a cosy conversation.

Lviv center Lviv center

Please let us know if you are vegetarian or if you do not consume or have an allergy for the following ingredients: beef, pork, dairy products, beets, potato, cabbage, carrots, onion, honey, wheat flour, yeast, beans, eggs, garlic.

We will adapt our menu accordingly.
We will get you from the city center on the agreed hour.
Complimentary traditional Ukrainian snacks and drinks are available upon your arrival.
Vegetarian or gluten-free food is also available on prior request.
The class will consist of at least four dishes in three courses and will last for about three hours.
The class is in English.

The price - 70 euro individual class for 1 person and 40 euro per person for the group 2-15 people.

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: +38098 449 2525, +38063 537 9606, contact@inlviv.com
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