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This ethnoproject is a brand new offer for you to feel yourself in real nature of the mountains; try the life of the old Hutzuls; change your routine life for a few days. The project is held in Vyzhniy Bereziv village of Ivano-Frankivsk region - the heart of the Hutzul culture (30 km from Kolomyia town).


You can be accommodated in two cottages. The first cottage is the older one. That is the place, where almost all actions of the project are held: cooking the Hutzul dishes by the old receipts; baking bread; making butter, cheese, bryndza (sheep cheese), fine salt; handweave the carpets and spin; shuck corn and grind it to make the flour.
The second cottage is a new one and has three separate bedrooms, one big living room and bathroom. There is a 24-hour supply of hot water and heat system. The usual tour takes 3-5 days. The program includes: a walk to the valley - the place of hogging the cows, climbing the Ratundol Mountain, gathering mushrooms and berries, visiting local church, milking a cow, horse riding, moulding out of clay, listening to the Hutzul music, lessons of the authentic Hutsul dances. In winter the sledge riding is available.

The itinerary of the program depends on the season, weather, religious holidays. So that the other options can be added to the itinerary. If you wish, we will have an excursion to Kolomyia town and the local museum of the antiquities.
Going to this project, you have to take the following things with you: comfortable clothes and shoes (trainers or boots for hiking), raincoat. You will be cooking the national dishes: kulesha (polenta), banush with cracklings (polenta, cooked with the sour-cream), driashpanyna (roast meat with mushrooms), ripyanyk (potato-corn shortcake), melay with milk (sweet corn shortcake), bevka (cabbage soup), bean soup, shupeni (braised cabbage with beans and sour-cream), stewed fruit, potato and bryndza (sheep cheese) dumplings, apple dumplings, sherpini (flour souce with herring), stuffed beet rolls, sorrel soup, kulesha with strawberries and sour-cream, etc.

The price - 35$ per person per day;

- accommodation;
- full board;
- activities (included in the program);

Not Included:
- tranfer from Lviv to Vyzhniy Bereziv village.

October 2013, Marg Toronchuk, Canada

The next stop for 3 days took us to the Carpathian mountains in Western Ukraine. We stayed at Vishny Bereziv, a vilage about one hour from Kolomyya. This was an ethnotour, hosted by a young couple. Volodymyr had inherited his grandmother's place so we had one traditional house for cooking and weaving and a newer one for sleeping and relating, all surrounded by an apple orchard. He was very proud of his Hutsul culture and gave his insight into the cooking, music and way of life. We continued to be blessed with glorious fall weather as we hiked up a mountain, picked wild mushrooms and met a local sheepherder of 75 years old. Activities also included milking a cow, listening to local musicians, learning the history of the strongly patriotic people and visiting a salt spring used to produce salt for centuries. With no Wi-Fi and really no concern for time it was a very relaxing and special stay.

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