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Wycieczka teatralizowana po poddziemiu Kościoła Jezuitów - Lviv Tourist Information
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Wycieczka teatralizowana po poddziemiu Kościoła Jezuitów

During this tour, you will discover Lviv underground labyrinths.

The longest one is the underground of Jesuit's monastery (St. Peter and Paul church). In this subterranean you could see forged doors of baroque, tailings of princely walls, stone fretted sarcophagus, frescoes of XVII.

Some historians believe that the underground of Dominican monastery is the remaining parts of Prince Leo's palace. There you could find a grotto of monk-ascetic and the room of torture.

In the oldest pharmacy-museum in Lviv - "Under the Black Eagle" you will see the old pharmacy tools and utensils; big barrels of medical wines in the underground's room.

Tour cost:



1-2 persons

600-650 UAH per hour

3-4 persons

700 UAH per hour

5-10 persons

800 UAH per hour

11-15 persons

1000 UAH per hour

16-20 persons

1300 UAH per hour

21-30 persons

1600 UAH per hour

31-40 persons

1900 UAH per hour

41-50 persons

2300 UAH per hour

The entrance tickets paid additionally on the spot.
The tour is for individuals and groups of up to 20 people.

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