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Jewish heritage tour

Lviv center Lviv center

Jewish heritage walking tour in Lviv

Tour duration: 4 hours

Tour cost:
400 UAH / per hour (English / Turkish language, up to 10 persons)
20 EURO / per hour (German / Italian language, up to 10 persons)
500 UAH / per hour (English / Turkish language, more then 10 persons)
25 EURO / per hour (German / Italian , more then 10 persons)

During the tour you will visit old Jewish quarter in Lviv which embraces the old part of the city center of Lviv and includes excursion in Staroyevreys'ka and Brativ Rohatyntsiv streets. You will also see the ruins of Gold Rose synagogue. The tour also includes a retrospective journey into the history of the Jewish by visiting Svobody Ave and Rynok square.

During the tour you will have a walking tour (1 hour) in the central part of the city (old town, Jewish quarter) and a transport tour (3 hours) in other parts of Lviv city. You will be able to see Holocaust memorial, the building where Sholom Aleichem lived, former Jewish museum, former Yaniv concentration camp, etc. It is also possible to arrange a visit to the Lviv synagogue in advance.

To book a tour, contact us by e-mail contact@inlviv.com or by tel. +38032 235 76 30, +380984492525 (mobile), or come to our office.

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