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Lviv walking and sightseeing tour
Lviv walking tour that highlights the most famous buildings, stories and places of the old town.
Join a group walking tour that is offered every Saturday or book an individual tour.

Two-hour walking tour itinerary:

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- Opera Theater
- Monument to Taras Shevchenko
- Latin Cathedral
- The Boim Chapel
- Rynok Square
- Armenian Church
- Dominican Latin Church
- Assumption Church
- other places, cafes, buildings in Old Town.

Lviv center Lviv center Lviv center

Individual tour

We offer individual tours on every day of the week. An individual tour lasts from one hour and includes several points of interest in Old Town and Lviv city, depending on your interests and available time.


Ukrainian / Russian

English / Turkish

German / Italian


1-4 persons

400 UAH per hour

600 UAH per hour

20 EURO per hour

600 UAH per hour

5-10 persons

500 UAH per hour

700 UAH per hour

25 EURO per hour

700 UAH per hour

10-20 persons

600 UAH per hour

800 UAH per hour

30 EURO per hour

800 UAH per hour

more than 20 persons

800 UAH per hour

1000 UAH per hour

40 EURO per hour

1000 UAH per hour

During this walking tour led by a professional guide, you will discover the Rynok Square, the Opera Theater and the main historical and contemporary sites of old town. You will hear stories and learn secrets that will allow you to better get to know this city. Unlike many cities in Ukraine, Lviv was lucky enough to escape the destruction in the World War Two, and nowadays its fascinating streets and numerous museums make it one of the most exciting places in Ukraine to explore.

During the tour you will discover the historic center of Lviv, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will walk old town's main avenues, squares, and narrow cobbled streets.

One of the places you will see is the Opera House on Svoboda Avenue, laid out above the underground Poltva River.
You will also walk by the historic building housing the Maria Zankovetska Drama Theatre that was once the biggest in Europe and is the oldest in Ukraine.

You will uncover the stories behind the medieval atmosphere of Lviv, that will hark you back to days when Lviv was a wealthy trading center.
You will see the oldest and most gorgeous churches and cathedrals in the old town including thr Baroque-style Jesuit Cahedral, the Virgin Mary Assumption church, the Armenian Cathedral with 16-17th century tombstones, the Church of the Blessed Eucharist (former Dominican Church), the Latin Cathedral and the Transfiguration Church.

During the tour you will see the place where famous writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the figure behind the term "masochism" was born, and then we also stop by the Masoch Cafe. You will learn more about the gas lamp invention - the first gas lamp in the world was invented in Lviv. One of the contemporary places that the tour highlights is the Dzyga Gallery, an artistic terrain of contemporary artists. Last but not least, you will discover the medieval defense system of the city: the Gunpowder Tower and the Arsenal building, the site of one of the biggest collections of medieval weapons in the county.

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