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Welcome to Lviv, L'viv, Lvov, Lwow
A city of sleeping lions, which has changed so many names throughout it's long history, today remains one of the most charming and mysterious beauties of Eastern Europe. It is the only Ukrainian "Ensemble of the Historic Centre" included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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We offer a variety of tours in Lviv and tours around Lviv. You will see the main attractions of Lviv and Lviv region and get to know its fascinating history.
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For the taste of ethnic Hutsul culture of the Carpathian region, try the Ethnotour!

If you are staying in Lviv and have some free time, you have also a great possibility to visit the Carpathian Mountains. They are only 100 km away from Lviv.

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Accommodation in Lviv
The most comfortable Lviv hotels are located in the city centre. As an alternative you can rent an apartment, which has most of the usual hotel facilities (excluding breakfast), or stay at a hostel.

Enjoy discounts on booking rooms at these hotels:
Nobilis, Leopolis, Citadel Inn, Panorama and Dnister.

Find our more about hotels on our website and contact us to select the hotel that best suits you.
Rates for rooms start at 700 UAH. Or choose to stay at the luxury hotel in the center of city.

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in the very city centre, just near the Opera House. This hotel is so new that it is not yet listed anywhere else. It's a great choice, and the hotel has a selection of standard, improved standard, apartment, semi-luxury and luxury rooms that you will enjoy.
Rates for rooms start at 1100 UAH.

Some of the recommended apartments in Lviv:
One bedroom apartment at Drukarska Str. 850 UAH per night.
Two bedroom apartment at Dudayeva Str. 600 UAH per night.

And here are all the apartments in Lviv old town available for short term rent.

We make it easy for you to travel in Lviv and regionally. We arrange transfers from the airport etc. to hotel, city center and other places.
This service cost starts at 200 UAH.
Also, with us you may travel to other places.

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 Walking tour in Lviv: Secrets of the Old Town

 Alfa Jazz Fest - an open-air festival of international jazz music

 Half Marathon Gorgany.Lviv 2014

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